The Weather Channel + WHNT News 19

The Weather Channel has entered into a market-exclusive partnership with WHNT News 19, and The Weather Channel team will be in Huntsville on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 to lead a powerful 1 1/2-hour discussion about best practices and case studies for great campaigns using weather content. In this informational meeting, you’ll get to pick their brains about:

• Location targeting (by DMA, zip code or even radius around location) that is +43% more accurate than any geotargeting through IP addresses
• Exclusive weather-parting options, like temperature ranges or specific weather conditions–ice, high wind, high pollen and severe weather events, among others
• Access to Weather Channel exclusive research that correlate weather conditions to specific activities or products – like buying tires and groceries, ordering in or eating out, or outdoor activities

Why Now? Access.
This exciting new partnership means you can purchase ads on Weather Channel digital properties (, Wunderground and Intellicast) exclusively through your WHNT sales rep – and we expect some of the best weather-parting options to get locked in fast. No other station in this market can offer you ads on these websites or mobile platforms:
• The Weather Channel’s iPad app is the #2 most downloaded free iPad app with 18.4MM iPad downloads
• The Weather Channel’s iPhone app is #7 most downloaded free iPhone app with 90MM downloads on iPhone & Android phones

Who Should Attend
Digital buyers, small business owners, agency representatives, marketing professionals

Meeting Details
Tuesday, July 8
10:00-11: 30 am
WHNT News 19, 200 Holmes Avenue

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