Heather Carlton WHNTHeather Carlton
Nathan McGee WHNT Nathan McGee
Loni Cleve WHNTLoni Cleve
Lori Miller WHNTLori Miller
Brad Clasgens WHNTBrad Clasgens
Griffin Goodwin WHNT
Griff Goodwin
Shannon Hopkins WHNTShannon Hopkins
Kristina Keogh WHNTKristina Keogh
Alexis Lanning WHNTAlexis Lanning
Don Phelps WHNTDon Phelps
Jennifer Sands WHNTJennifer Sands
Sherri Russell Brown WHNTSherri Russell Brown
Laurie Skelton WHNTLaurie Skelton
Angie Gaines WHNTAngie Gaines
Vickie Harris WHNTVickie Harris
Claire Johnson WHNT Claire Johnson
Sarah Cooper
Symone Cole


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