Wintry Mix Moving Out – Windy & Very Cold Tuesday




The wintry mix is moving out of the Tennessee Valley early this morning. No travel issues are in the forecast for the morning commute.  Only a few slick spots on bridges and overpasses. The story today is the wind and cold air taking over the Tennessee Valley. Here is a look at the school delays for this morning! Temperatures will be steady if not fall most of the day Tuesday. Here is a *WIND ADVISORY* up until noon today for gusts over 30 mph.

Here is a look at your day planner. We will break it down in parts starting in the morning and taking you through the evening commute. Note the temperature, wind gusts, and wind chill through the day! Dress in layers and don’t forget a hat and scarf! This is ‘middle of the winter’ type cold for the Tennessee Valley in November.

*All time periods will have WIND CHILLS in the TEENS! Here is a look at the temperatures and wind gusts through the day:

This Morning:


This Afternoon:

This Evening:


Once again the futurecast has all the mixed precipitation out of here early in the morning. Here is what it will look like by 3pm. There’s nothing left, just cold air!


Cold & Dry Afternoon

Temperatures tonight will drop into the teens. Winds subside after midnight. It will still feel like 10°-15° first thing on Wednesday morning. It will be a frigid start to Wednesday with highs by the afternoon in the middle 40s.


The forecast improves the rest of the week with milder temperatures and no chance of rain.

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