Where’s the sun?! Only 2 weeks of dry weather in the past 2 months!

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To say that “it’s been wet” this winter is an understatement: Over two feet of rain has fallen at Huntsville International Airport since December 1, 2019 (25.24″ to be exact). This winter places as the 3rd wettest in Huntsville history, so far this season, behind 1991 (28.75″) and 1974 (26.42″).

But some winters, the rain comes down in a short amount of time, allowing some stretches of sunshine. This year, the rain has been nearly continuous, with barely two days going by before another round of rain — and sometimes it rained for 10 consecutive days! This particular pattern began in January, and February is continuing the pattern.

January 2020 Rainfall

Within the 31 calendar days in January, nearly 3 weeks featured rainfall and less than two weeks featured dry weather, let alone sunshine. Overall, a total of 7.76″ of rainfall fell at Huntsville International Airport within January 2020, which ranks as the 17th wettest on record.

February 2020 Rainfall

It seems like February took one look at January and said, “I can top that.”

In only 21 days, the February 2020 rainfall accumulation is already 9.75″, placing this month as the 6th rainiest on record for Huntsville. The majority of the rain — 7.52″ — fell within a 10-day span between February 3 – February 13, making this 10 day stretch the wettest on record for this calendar period. Interestingly enough, this is less than the February 15-24, 2019 rainfall, when 11.14″ fell within that 10 day time span.

With all that rainfall, it’s interesting to note that there were very few dry/sunny days: 6 days out of 21, not even a full week of sunshine! It would be nice to see a little more sunshine for the final week of February! But is drier weather in the forecast?

More rain Sunday night and Monday

Last winter’s 30.58″ was the #1 wettest on record. We aren’t likely to move up the list much in the next week, but there is more rain coming. A wave of showers Sunday night looks light, but the rain coming in on Monday will be somewhat heavier.

Forecast generated 2/21/2020

We’re expecting around 0.5″ to 1.0″ of rainfall through next Friday. Most of that comes on Monday ahead of a strong cold front.

Drier air in early March?

The Climate Prediction Center is noting that colder than average conditions are likely for the Southeast through the first weekend in March, including north Alabama. Colder weather generally means drier weather! Expect less rain and a greater opportunity to dry things out a little through the first few days of March. That doesn’t mean NO rain! We’d normally see around 1.0″ to 1.2″ of rain per week this time of year; this may be closer to a 0.5″ to 1.0″ total rainfall through the first of March.

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