Viral: Hey There, Up North!

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As some of my friends would say, this is a classic “get off my lawn moment” from Jason. Well, here goes.

Hey there, Mr. or Mrs. Northern United States! How y’all doing? Did’ya eat yet?

Listen, there’s something that’s bothering me a little about some of your comments about my little ol’ state and some of our neighbors over the past 48 hours. Y’all seem to think that we’re just not all that smart because a measly two inches of snow shut down two of the largest metropolitan areas in the Southern U.S.

Some of you are tweeting nasty things about how those of us down south need to be better prepared, and some of you are commenting on Facebook posts by painting us in a very negative light. That’s just not nice, y’all. You see, in the South, we help each other as much as we can, and we absolutely welcome the help, the insight, and the expertise of folks who aren’t “from around here.” You’re 100% correct: there is a lot we could learn from you on how to handle traffic gridlock, treating highways, snow and ice removal, etc.

Then again, did you know that there’s a huge volume of traffic trying to travel on curvy, two-lane roads in the Birmingham metropolitan area?  It’s hard enough to drive in Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Helena, Alabaster, Pelham and Irondale when it’s dry – let alone when the roads get icy.

There’s a problem, though. In Alabama, we didn’t get our first snow plow in Birmingham until after the Blizzard of ’93. Since then, we really haven’t had a lot of big snows. I’m sure the guy who trained to drive that thing is probably long retired by now.

But you see, Mr. or Mrs. North, that snow plow doesn’t do much good when there’s a glaze of ice an inch thick beneath the snow in Mobile.

Hey now, no hard feelings! We’re an easy-going, loving group of folks. Go ahead and have your fun at our expense, but we’ll be watching how you all fare if this snow forecast from the European forecast model pans out:


And you know what else? We’ll be ready and willing to help you in any way we can. If you ever get stuck in the snow on some icy interstate someday, it might just be a good ol’ boy or girl from Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, or Tennessee that comes to your rescue.

We’re always looking for a way to help others.

Y’all come!

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