Tuesday night’s fireball was one of four in the U.S.

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We got a lot of facebook messages and tweets Tuesday night about a fireball being spotted in the sky. It turns out a fireball over southern Tennessee was one of four that were noted in the sky over the U.S. Tuesday night, according to the American Meteor Society.

The American Meteor Society also posted what’s called a heat map– showing where witnesses to these four separate events were located.

If you saw the fireball, the AMS wants to hear your report. Fill out an official fireball report with the AMS.

To learn more about fireball meteors read our Fireball FAQ.

Dr. Bill Cooke fills us in on a small fireball seen over the Tennessee Valley Tuesday evening:

“At 8:26:38 PM this evening, a 2 inch piece of an asteroid entered the atmosphere above the town of Lutts in southern Tennessee. Moving almost due west at a speed of 46,300 miles per hour, it traveled some 52 miles before burning up 25 miles above the Tennessee farmland. At its peak, the fireball was about twice as bright as the planet Venus, and was seen by many in north Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.”

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