Cold Blast on the Way

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Enjoy this afternoon, because an arctic air mass is on the way. Here is the bigger view valid Tuesday evening. Look at northern part of the United States. That is very cold air moves southeast and will impact our forecast Tuesday. Highs won’t get out of the 40s for some and overnight lows dip into the middle 20s Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The blue and pink indicate very cold air!

As far as the temperature trend over the next five days… I am forecasting 26° Wednesday morning and 25° Thursday morning. This will be the coldest air since last winter in the Tennessee Valley. We got down to 27° multiple times in the mid-March and the coldest temperature since February 17 when get got down to 21°. Bring in all tender vegetation and the pets this week. It might be a good idea to wrap exposed pipes before you go to bed Tuesday night. The average low is 43°.

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