YOUR PHOTOS: Marshall County storm cloud seen from dozens of miles away

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – A lone thunderstorm near Grant produced a towering cloud which could be seen from dozens of miles away Saturday evening.

Photos from as far away as Somerville and Trinity of this big cloud were sent in by WHNT News 19 viewers.

The thunderstorm cloud was towering as high as 45,000 feet. The technical name of the cloud is cumulonimbus.

The flat portion at the top of the cloud is the anvil, sometimes called a thunderhead. The anvil occurs at the tropopause, or the very top of the lower part of the atmosphere and just below the stratosphere.

Heavy rain falling near Cathedral Caverns in Marshall County (Photo: Amanda Weeks)

WHNT News 19 viewer Amanda Weeks shared this photo of what it looked like underneath that big thunderstorm cloud.

Tremendous amounts of rain fell in northern Marshall County near Cathedral Caverns. Radar estimates that between one and three inches of rain fell there Saturday afternoon.

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