Winters Are Warming In Huntsville

The Weather Authority

The average temperature in winter in Huntsville is roughly 45 degrees in a period of record from 1991-2020. Winter, for climate purposes, is defined by December, January and February. The average monthly temperature, which combines lows and highs, for December is 45.5 degrees. January is roughly 43 degrees and February, roughly 47 degrees. According to Climate Central, winter in Huntsville is warming. Back in 1970, the average winter temperature was in the low 40s.

In fact, many more days during the winter months are running above normal. It’s not just Huntsville experiencing warmer winters. The U.S. is too. According to Climate Central, since 1970 winter is the fastest-warming season for the majority of the U.S. About 98 percent of cities had an increase in their average winter temperature. The season is warming the most in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions. However, it’s important to remember that just because winters are warming, there can still be cold air invasions and cold winters. This data looks at averages over a 50-year period.

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