The last of the precipitation associated with the strong area of low pressure is moving through the Tennessee Valley this evening! As the pressure system continues to move off to the northeast, it will take the active weather and moisture with it.

We will now be on the backside of this system, which means winds will be out of the north/northeast. This wind direction will continue to usher in cold air into the region tonight. Although lingering flurries will be possible early the majority of the precipitation will taper off.

Snow accumulation varied across the area today with some locations seeing inches while others just saw a dusting. Northeastern portions of Alabama and portions of southern middle Tennessee are the areas that saw the highest snow totals. Some of the higher elevation spots across Jackson, DeKalb, Madison, and Franklin (TN) counties saw snow totals over 4 inches. Above is a look at the radar estimated snow totals compared to the Weather Authority’s snow total forecast! On the radar estimated snow totals graphic, the darker the blue color, the higher the totals. As you can see, we forecasted the higher amounts to be in northeast Alabama and that is what happened.

Some of the snow totals that have been reported to the National Weather Service range from 1-4 inches. Above is a look at some of the preliminary snow totals, we will update you once we receive more totals.

Issues for Monday Morning’s Commute

Our attention will now turn to the potential for issues during the commute Monday morning in some locations. As temperatures tonight fall into the 20s, moisture on the roadways will refreeze creating icy conditions. Areas that will be prone to this will be in the higher terrain, along with bridges and overpasses.

If you drive a route that includes bridges and overpasses, make sure you drive with caution. The cold air tonight will help bridge temperatures fall faster than road temperatures. Keep this in mind for the morning, and even though a road may seem wet it could be iced over.