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Sunday was the first day of Winter Weather Awareness Week for the National Weather Service, which runs from November 14th through 19th this year. Today, November 15th, we focus on safety preparation ahead of any winter weather events! Each day this week will be used to discuss topics about winter safety and winter preparedness ahead of the winter months.

Safety kit essentials from the National Weather Service

The frequency for winter weather in Alabama and Tennessee is small but when it occurs it can cause significant property damage, injury, and even death. Preparation before a winter weather event is key to protect yourself and your property. During the winter months, many of us are out traveling especially during the Holiday season. Before heading out it is always important to check the weather forecast for any potential hazards you may encounter during your trip.

It is always important to have a safety kit for your during severe weather events but it is also just important to have a kit for your vehicle. Some of the key items for your kit could be a flashlight with extra batteries, a first aid kit, warm clothes, a blanket, and an ice scraper. Similar to any kits you may have at home you can add to it to it best fits your needs.

Top Daily Snowfalls for Huntsville

Top daily snowfalls for Huntsville

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through November, which means the winter months are quickly approaching. We have already seen some bitter cold temperatures across the areas leading to frost and hard freeze during this past weekend. Here in the Tennessee Valley the historical date for the first snow is after December 1st. Most snow events occur during the months of January and February.

The earliest the Huntsville area has seen snow was on November 2nd, 1966 when we saw 4 inches and the latest season snow was on March 22nd, in 1966. Normally we see two days of measurable snow during the winter season. In the above photo, you will find the top five daily snowfall totals for the Huntsville area, with the most being in 1963 where 15.7 inches fell.