The Winter Weather Advisory has expired across the Tennessee Valley, but the threat for slick roads continues! Snow showers have continued to taper off but as cold air filters into the region, the threat for black ice increases. Many roadways across Jackson County are slick and/or snow-covered.

Road temperatures have fallen into the 20s across the area with area temperatures into the low to mid-20s; as of 3 am Saturday morning. Any wet roadways will freeze leading to the concern of black ice, especially in the higher terrain, bridges, and overpasses. If you need to go out traveling this morning make sure to allow yourself extra time.

The following message is transmitted at the request of the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency, Scottsboro, AL:

Travel is not recommended due to snow and icy road conditions. In addition to snow cover, black ice has also developed quickly on area roadways due to refreezing of melted snow as vehicles travel on them. This is causing a very hazardous situation on many roads, particularly on the higher elevations.

Some of the roads that are affected include Alabama Highways 71 and 73, County Roads 14, 696, and 314. All roads northeast of Rosalie are being reported as very icy and dangerous.

Local Area Emergency Management relayed by the National Weather Service

Cold Temeperatures

Temperatures across the area this morning will be dangerously cold thanks to a strong northerly wind flow ushering in arctic cold air. Air temperatures are forecasted to fall near 20 degrees with wind chill values in the single digits possible. With temperatures, this low, frostbite could occur within 30 minutes on exposed skin. This is why it is important to make sure you bundle up before heading out the door!

On top of wearing multiple layers to protect yourself, don’t forget to check on your elderly neighbors. Make sure you bring pets indoors so they are also protected from the cold!