Will Winter remember November?

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There’s an old saying I’ve heard over the years: ‘what happens in November, the winter will remember!”  It’s like most weather lore sayings having a grain of truth somewhere in there, but it doesn’t always work.

November so far in the Huntsville area has been cold.  In fact, November’s average temperature is only 45.8ºF: nearly ten degrees below the 30-year average.  That’s just outside the normal range (standard deviation) for Huntsville; in other words, it’s really, really unusual.

In spite of how October started, it actually ended up cooler than normal on 14 of the final 19 days of the month.

Any takeaways here?


One thing we look for in a cold winter (think back to January 2014’s bitter cold and the five winter storms in January, February and March of 2015) would be this:

This sometimes gets called ‘the blob.’  It’s warmer than average water over the northeastern Pacific, and if it can persist through the winter season, it alters the jet stream: sending it north in a ‘ridge’ over the West and that translates to a southward bend – a trough – in the East.

We can’t tell this far out exactly what that means for a specific day or for a specific chance of snow or rain or storms or whatever you’re hoping for/against.

If you’re looking for a sign of cold winter weather, though, this is a big, bright one.  If the rest of the players come onto the field, this could be one to remember.  Especially if the winter remembers November!

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