ATHENS, AL (WHNT) – The lack of rainfall the Tennessee Valley has experienced recently has led to widespread extreme drought conditions.

As we head into the holiday season, many will begin looking for trees for Christmas. A number of the local Christmas tree farms in North Alabama are not seeing any major impacts from the dry stretch.

Trim-A Tree Farm manager Sam George says the trees on the farm normally grow between March and July, so the fall drought is having a limited impact on the trees.

“We start to get really concerned when we start to get a really dry spring or a really, really hot or dry Summer,” says George. Though the dry stretch continues, there is something they can do to help combat it.

In times when the area experiences a dry stretch leading to a drought, the tree farm uses water tanks to water the trees. The tanks are hooked up to the tractors, which are then driven down each row. As they drive down the rows, they will handwater the trees up to a point where they won’t dry out.

This year the farm will have a petting zoo, some food trucks, hot chocolate and other activities for the family to enjoy! Trim-A Tree will officially open for the season on Black Friday.

You can keep up with the latest information by following the Trim-A Tree Facebook page.