The Tennesse Valley is forecast to see the coldest air of the season and it is important to take the steps now to prepare.

A Freeze Warning will go into effect for the area at 11 p.m. Tuesday and continue through 9 a.m. Wednesday. Lows are forecast to fall into the upper 20s to low 30s across much of the Tennessee Valley. The most sheltered valleys could even fall lower than that. These will be some of the coldest temperatures we have seen since March.

With temperatures this cold, it is important to protect not only yourself but your property, plants, and furry friends.

Above is a look at what you can do to help prepare you for the sub-freezing temperatures we will see on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Make sure when heading out in the morning or late evening that you are wearing multiple layers to stay warm. Along with making sure you stay warm, we don’t want to forget our furry friends. As we continue to head deeper into the colder months, we need to provide them with a warm and safe shelter.

Make sure to bring smaller plants indoors or cover them. Have extra supplies in your cars, like jumper cables, blankets, water, and other emergency supplies. While temperatures will not be dropping into the teens, you still want to do what you can to prevent your pipes from bursting.

Closer look at preventing pipes from bursting:

As temperatures fall below freezing, the colder air leads to the water in the pipes to freeze. As water freezes it expands, causing pipes to burst. Pipes with direct exposure to the exterior walls of the home.

There are several things you can do to help prevent pipes from bursting by keeping the heat on to making sure the pipes are insulated. Turning on the heat of your home and opening cabinet doors will help allow the warm air to circulate and warm the pipes. If you are away on a trip keep your thermostat set at 55 degrees. Finally, letting your faucets drip slowly will keep water flowing and help prevent it from freezing.

Stick with the Weather Authority through the coming months for the latest on the cold temperatures!