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FORT PAYNE, Ala. – People are cutting open persimmon seeds to see what is inside – winter must be near.

This is a popular topic and one we like to visit every year. Not because we expect it to be completely accurate, but because everyone can join in on the fun.

Weather legend has it the shape of the persimmon seed’s root can say a lot about the approaching winter.

Snow lovers rejoice at the sight of spoons. The legend says that if the root is in the shape of a spoon, it means you will be digging out of a snowy winter.

A root in the shape of a knife supposedly means a harsh cold winter is ahead. The icy wind will cut through you like a knife.

If the root looks like a fork, that is supposed to mean the winter will be warm.

Persimmon seeds cut open in DeKalb County (Photo: Thann Owens)
Persimmon seeds cut open in DeKalb County (Photo: Thann Owens)

The picture above was sent to us by Chris Black. The persimmon seeds were cut open by Thann Owens in Fort Payne. At least one clearly looks like a fork, which would mean we should expect a warmer-than-normal winter. With the way fall is starting, this is not hard to believe.

A few other seeds are harder to make out, but a few look  like knives.

Do you have a persimmon tree in your yard? Cut open a handful of seeds and let us know what you see.