On April 10th, 2009 a series of supercells tracked through the region producing strong winds, large hail, and tornadoes. During the morning hours, a strong disturbance passed through the region leading to strong gradient winds. By the afternoon storms started to fire up due to an unstable airmass and other environmental parameters. The strongest storms tracked through the state during the afternoon and evening hours.

A total of 11 tornadoes touched down in Alabama that day, the strongest being an EF-3. Across the state eight individuals sustained injuries but thankfully there were no fatalities. Below you will find more information on that EF-3 tornado along with the large hail reports!

In northern Alabama, the strongest tornado to touch down that day was an EF-3 tornado. This tornado touched down approximately 2.5 miles southeast of Grant and then traveled northeast before lifting east of the Sylvania community. The tornado had a 28-mile long damage path, tracking through three counties; Marshall, Jackson, and DeKalb counties.

Above is a view of the tornado as it passed over the Tennessee River. Damages along the 28-mile path ranged from uprooted trees and structural damage. A roof was blown off a home and the brick structure collapsed. Five individuals were injured, and one woman was injured when a tree fell on her car. The peak winds were estimated to be 155 mph.

Large Hail & Wind Reports

Along with the three tornadoes that touched down in northern Alabama that day, there were many other storm reports. The majority of the storm reports were large hail ranging from 0.75 to 4.25 inches in diameter. The largest hailstone that fell that day was in the Decatur area. Along with the hailstones, winds were on the strong side. There were some gusts upwards of 55 mph that was recorded. These strong winds led to isolated power outages and trees coming down. Below you will find some photos of the hail some of these storms produced.

For more detailed information head over to the National Weather Service in Huntsville page.