It is almost fall and the persimmons are ripening and falling off the trees. While these lesser-known fruits may be used in puddings, folklore has it that they can also predict the weather.

As the folklore goes, the inside of a persimmon seed can give an indication of the conditions of the upcoming winter. If you cut open a persimmon seed you will see one of three shapes inside.

The persimmon seed may either have a fork, knife, or spoon shape on its inside. The fork is said to stand for a mild winter, while the knife shape means that there will be fridged winds. The spoon shape is supposed to represent a shovel and therefore you could expect plenty of snow in the upcoming winter.

Persimmon seeds from North Alabama with spoon shapes.

While it may be exciting to cut open a persimmon seed and see what shape it is, there is no science to back up the folklore behind the shapes in the seeds. For now, we will have to continue to monitor the forecast and wait to see what the winter months will hold.