SCOTTSBORO, AL (WHNT) – Third graders from Cadwell Elementary received a special visit from the News 19 Weather Authority Monday morning!

Meteorologist Jessica Camuto visited Cadwell Elementary in Scottsboro where the students have been discussing the weather in their classrooms.

These students were very energetic and excited to learn more from their local meteorologist! Jessica even shared her weather dance with them!

Students learned some important topics when it comes to the world of weather.

They discussed the water cycle, cloud formations, types of precipitation, and what to do during severe weather. After a PowerPoint presentation and tornado experiment, students toured Storm Hunter 19!

Pet Tornado Experiment

Meteorologist Jessica Camuto showed the students an easy experiment that they could do at home! Each third grader was able to take home their very own pet tornado to share with their family!

Jessica would like to thank Caldwell Elementary for the warm welcome!