Weak Funnel Cloud Spotted in Madison County Sunday

The Weather Authority

Sunday afternoon around 6:30, a few showers moved out of Limestone and into Madison county. While the shower didn’t look overly impressive on radar, it appears to have gained some rotation for a few minutes, producing a few weak funnel clouds

Radar showed a garden variety shower, but also showed weak rotation.

It’s unclear based on videos from this shower whether rotation ever made it to the ground, but the feature was so weak, it couldn’t have produced any damage. These features have been coined “shamnadoes” by Meteorologist Sam Shamburger with the National Weather Service in Nashville, and there were actually a few of these weak rotations across the mid-south Sunday.

These rarely if ever produce any damage that could qualify them as a tornado, but they certainly are intimidating if you see it! Perhaps this is just Mother Nature’s way of saying that severe weather season is just around the corner.

Meteorologist Alex Puckett
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