HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Extreme weather events are becoming much more common in our area. These events are leading to a strain on our electric grid and causing power failures.

When severe weather strikes, your power is likely to go out. Storms could knock the power out for hours, days, or even weeks, disconnecting you from your everyday life and necessities.

Power interruptions can be problematic for everyone. However, people that rely on power for life-saving medical devices at home are most at risk when the power goes out.

Mike Coons with Current Electrical & Generator Services says that there are some solutions to keeping the power on during an outage.

One option is a partial home system, which backs up just your major necessities like fridge/freezer, lights in main rooms and your microwave.

Another option would be to invest in a whole home system. A whole home system would power everything in your home in just a matter of seconds after the power goes out.

Coons says that these systems are powered by natural gas and can be connected to a natural gas line, or propane. This would keep a continuous supply of power to your home.

Standby power for your home can be a significant investment and Coons emphasizes the importance of contacting a reputable and licensed dealer.