Warmest Stretch Of 2021 Ahead!

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We’ve hit 80° or higher five times in 2021. We will add to that total this week and also get the warmest temperature so far this year. It’s that time of year where we flirt with summer temperatures. Looks like we are safely past frosty conditions until the fall. Once we get into May and June, summer-like temperatures become more and more common. Here is a look at your temperature trend this week:

Some areas make 80° today

This will be the warmest stretch of 2021. We’ve hit 80° or warmer five times with the warmest day being April 13 at 82°. We get above that Tuesday and really warmup Wednesday with temperatures in the middle to upper 80s.

The temperature outlook through the first week of May remains above average. Typically we see 90° by the end of May closer to Memorial Day. Once we get into June and July, it’s over. We are stuck with heat, humidity, and unforgiving conditions trying to get the yard mowed.

Rain totals aren’t very high this week. One system brings scattered showers and possible thunderstorms Thursday and Friday. This one doesn’t look as impressive as what we saw on Saturday. Rain totals are up to 1/2″ over the next seven days.


Be prepared for warm temperatures and limited rain chances over the next week! Our severe weather goes through May. We’ll see what happens!

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