Waning gibbous moon limits our view of the Perseid meteor shower this year

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The Perseid Meteor Shower is usually one of the showiest of the year. It always comes around in late July through mid August, making for pleasant summertime viewing.

This year it peaks August 12-13, but it will be tough to get a good view. We’re only 4 days past our full moon, which puts the moon in the waning gibbous phase this weekend. That’s still full enough that the light from the moon will block out a lot of meteors.

We’ve also been dealing with bouts of rain and storms the past week in the Tennessee Valley. The cloudy skies make it difficult to see the night sky too. Fortunately we will see some clearing late Saturday night if you want to try your luck finding meteors.

If you avoid any other light sources (like city lights) and watch after midnight you could still see a few meteors. Only the brightest meteors will be able to show through the moon’s glow, so you still have a good chance of seeing some, you just won’t see as many this year as we normally expect.

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