Very Cold Weather On The Way

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A serious cold snap is on the way!

Temperatures start out in the 40s Monday morning, but quickly drop into the 30s by the afternoon with a wind chill in the 20s. By Tuesday morning, temperatures are in the low 20s, which is cold enough to cause some problems. With temperatures dropping that low Monday through Wednesday morning, it’s time to talk about the 4 “P”s again.

There are 4 things you have to protect when the temperature drops this low: People, Pets, Pipes, and Plants. People is obviously the most important one here, but it can sometimes be overlooked. There are people in our community who don’t have central heating, or who may not be able to adequately heat their homes. Make sure your friends, family, and neighbors have a warm place to stay at night. You want to do the same for your furry friends too. Make sure they have shelter from the cold. Let faucets drip and open cabinet doors to prevent pipes from bursting. If you can bring your potted plants indoors, that’s the best way to protect them, but you can drape blankets over them to try and protect them if they’re too large or heavy to bring indoors.

This cold air might even bring a little bit of that “S” word to North Alabama, although we aren’t talking about anything sticking here. Read a little more about that in our latest forecast discussion.

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– Alex Puckett
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