HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – We have already had several severe storms across the state of Alabama this year. Now, a team of students and researchers from multiple universities are heading out into the storms to learn more about them.

The PERiLS or the Propagation, Evolution, and Rotation in Linear Storms project consists of several organizations that are conducting research on linear storm systems. UAH is just one of those universities involved in the research.

Students and researchers will spend many hours in the field gathering data on the linear storms that move through the Southeast. Ultimately, the hours of research would be to better understand how tornadoes form in squall lines.

This research collected across the Southeast will be used to improve understanding of linear storm systems. Resulting in improvements to weather model guidance and weather warnings.

The PERiLS project will run through the spring of 2023, with deployments in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri.