HUNTSVILLE, AL (WHNT) – After a cloudy start to Saturday, the clouds cleared giving way to beautiful viewing conditions for the partial solar eclipse.

Those who visited the U.S. Space and Rocket Center on October 14 were treated to a viewing event for the partial solar eclipse.

Visitors were provided with solar glasses as they entered the museum so they would be able to view the eclipse safely. Along with the solar glasses, the planetarium staff had telescopes outside for both young and old to use.

“Many of the kids just walked up to the camera, they walked up to the telescope and their jaws just drop to the floor,” Rocket Center Planetarium Specialist Adam Newell said.

For many who visited, this was their first time experiencing an eclipse. Many stated it was something they would never forget.

Newell says if you were unable to make it out this year for this partial eclipse, you will have another chance in April. On April 8, there will be a total solar eclipse, but for us here in the Tennessee Valley, we will once again only experience a partial eclipse.

View Of The Partial Solar Annular Eclipse

Above is a look at some of the photos our News 19 viewers captured of the partial eclipse this year.