Two Meteor Showers Visible In North Alabama

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Stargazers will have some opportunities at seeing some of the best meteor showers of the year this week.

The Delta Aquariid meteor shower will be peaking now into next week. These meteors are best seen just before dawn in the southern sky. Most of these meteors will be faint, but you can expect at least a few brigher ones, with a peak rate of 10 meteors per hour by the middle of next week.

We’re also starting to see meteors from the Perseid meteor shower as well. This shower lasts will into August, but best viewing will probably be over the next week or two before the moonlight lasts well into the night.

Best viewing for Perseids this week will be after midnight looking in the northeast part of the sky.

Of course, best viewing for any of these events will be away from the bright lights of the cities, in a nice, dark area. If you happen to get any pretty pictures, send them to us using the Live Alert 19 app.

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– Alex Puckett
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