A line of severe storms raced across the Tennessee Valley Friday producing destructive winds and tornadoes. The National Weather Service (NWS) found damaged tracks associated with two EF1 tornadoes that were spawned from the same severe storm.

The NWS first found evidence of an EF1 tornado in Jackson County extending from Section into Dutton with maximum winds of 95 mph. The tornado began near the Section where trees were found uprooted. The tornado then tracked northward, overturning a mobile home, damaging others, and downing power lines.

As the tornado continued along its five-mile track, trees were uprooted or snapped and a home near Dutton had minor roof damage off Hodge Road and County Road 19 before lifting.

The same severe storm that spawned the above tornado also produced an EF1 tornado near the Pisgah community, with maximum winds of 95 mph. This secondary tornado was briefly on the ground for three minutes but produced a damaged path about three miles long.

The tornado tracked from County Road 88 where several trees were uprooted, to County Road 61, before lifting on County Road 126. Along with the uprooted trees a chicken house had minor roof damage where the tornado lifted.