Tuesday: another occasionally stormy day ahead

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Downpours. Intense lightning. Another day of that lies ahead! Storms may not be quite as numerous as Sunday and Monday, but you still have a solid 50% chance of 30-60 minutes of locally-heavy rain, frequent lightning and wind gusts up to 40 MPH. Clouds and occasional rain keep temperatures below the norm again on Tuesday: morning lows around 70ºF, afternoon highs in the 81ºF to 86ºF range.

Rainfall ranges from as little as a tenth of an inch to as much as two inches from multiple downpours Tuesday; some get it more than once, and some see no rain at all.

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Storms thin out for midweek

Need a break from the rain? Most of us get one on Wednesday and Thursday; Friday isn’t a complete rain out, and neither is Saturday. We see fewer storms – fewer yet still quite heavy – through the rest of the week: especially on Wednesday and Thursday.

That means it does get hotter! The temperature may stay a touch below ‘average’ (92ºF), but it’ll feel every bit of normal if not warmer with that thick, tropical humidity.

It’s no real surprise that it’s been so stormy lately.

Mid-July is the peak of thunderstorm activity in North Alabama: not ‘severe weather season,’ just ‘thunderstorms.’

We see more lightning between July 9th and 15th than any other week of the year: by far. The following week drops off by about 55% from nearly 18,000 strikes to around 10,000 lightning strikes (total count 1988-2017).

The storms have kept it a little cooler than normal so far this summer! While other parts of the country have baked in the heat, we’ve just been hot and humid on a more tolerable level.

Any changes coming?

As of now, there is no big heat in sight for Alabama and Tennessee. It probably comes in August and September, but for now, we’re looking pretty good considering!

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