Tropical Storm Ida Heading to the Gulf of Mexico – Landfall This Weekend – Impacts Expected In the Tennessee Valley

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Tropical Storm Ida enters the Gulf of Mexico and strengthens to a hurricane over the weekend. Landfall is expected along the gulf coast later Sunday. The system moves north impacting the Tennessee Valley at the beginning of next week. Here is a look at the 10am CT Friday satellite of Ida.

Here is a look at the track. Check back for updates through Friday and the weekend. With north Alabama being on the right side, that opens the door for heavy rain, gusty winds, and possible tornadoes. Tornadoes can form well away from the center of circulation with landfall hurricanes. Monday-Wednesday is the window for rain and severe storms.

Rain totals can be tricky with rain ‘banding’ around tropical storms. West Alabama will be closer to the center of Ida and with that, rain totals will be higher. Totals will be in the double digits in Louisiana as Ida is expected to make landfall there later on Sunday.

Not much rain this weekend with higher rain chances here Monday-Wednesday.

The beach forecast looks unsettled with rain, wind, possible tornadoes, and dangerous rip currents. We can’t rule out flooding with Ida’s storm surge on Sunday. Stay out of the water this weekend into next week. Going the beach isn’t recommended.

Impacts for the Tennessee Valley – Timing

Time: Monday through Wednesday

  • Heavy Rain – Coming In Bands
  • Flash Flooding
  • Gusty Winds
  • Possible Tornadoes

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