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11 AM Saturday, September 3: Hurricane Danielle has now weakened to Tropical Strom Danielle. It is expected to re-strengthen into a hurricane over the next few days. It will progress further east in the days to come, remaining at sea.

4 PM Friday, September 2: Hurricane Danielle has maximum winds of 75 mph and is stationary in the middle of the Atlantic. The storm is not expected to impact the U.S. It’s the first hurricane of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season.


Tropical Storm Danielle formed Thursday morning in the Atlantic. As of the 4 p.m. advisory, the storm has maximum sustained winds of 60 mph. High pressure over the area is leading to weak steering flow so the storm will move very slowly over the next few days. Strengthening is forecast and Danielle could become a hurricane. The storm is expected to stay at sea and not impact the mainland U.S.

The Weather Authority is also watching another area of interest east of the Lesser Antilles that has a 70 percent chance of development over the next five days.