We officially have our second named storm of the Hurricane Season, in the Atlantic Basin. Potential Tropical Storm Two has officially been upgraded to a Tropical Storm, Bonnie. In previous days this area of disturbance has had maximum sustained winds of 40 mph but no defined central circulation. This morning the area of storms became more organized and central circulation was found, making it officially a named storm!

Tropical Storm Bonnie will continue to track towards the west-northwest at 15 mph, moving it over portions of Central America. Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued along the coasts of Costa Rica & Nicaragua. Heavy rainfall is likely in these areas which could lead to life-threatening flash flooding.

As Bonnie moves over the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the system will be renamed. The reason this occurs is that each basin has a set of names during a regular Hurricane Season. The next name on the list for the Eastern Pacific Basin will be Darby.