Tropical Double Trouble: When was the last time two tropical systems made landfall in the Gulf?

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The National Hurricane Center in Miami issued forecast track guidance for both Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Depression 14, which are located in the Atlantic Ocean Basin.

Tropical Storm Laura is located east of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. It is forecast to move west-northwest over the next several days before curving northwest toward Florida. After crossing over the Florida peninsula, Tropical Storm Laura is forecast to enter the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, Tropical Depression 14 is located well south of Jamaica, near the eastern coast of Central America. It is forecast to move northwest over the Yucatan Peninsula before curving north-northwest towards the Texas coastline in the western Gulf of Mexico.

Both tropical systems are forecast to impact the Eastern and Western corners of the Gulf of Mexico next week, around the Tuesday morning and Tuesday afternoon time frame.

Tropical Trivia

This begs the question: When was the last time there were two tropical cyclones (tropical depression, tropical storm and/or hurricane) in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time?

The answer: June 18-19, 1959, when Tropical Storm Beulah and “Hurricane 3” occupied separate corners of the Gulf at the same time.

How about this: When was the last time two tropical systems made landfall in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time?

Tropical meteorology researcher Philip Klotzbach posted on Twitter, saying that next week’s tropical set up may be the first in nearly 90 years.

“Brownsville as a Cat. 3 #hurricane near Brownsville & Treasure Coast near Cedar Key as 55kt tropical storm. Here’s the US Weather Bureau daily weather map (valid 8am ET) that day.””

“Treasure Coast hurricane had formerly made landfall as a hurricane along the Treasure Coast, tracked across the FL Peninsula, and briefly tracked over the Gulf of Mexico before making a second landfall near Cedar Key,” Klotzbach said on Twitter.

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