Potential Tropical Cyclone Four moved into Mexico last night and no longer has a chance for development into a tropical system. There is another area of showers and thunderstorms that will need to be watched for potential development.

NOAA still predicts above-average hurricane season

The next area to monitor is a disorganized area of showers and storms off the African coast. The chance of development is low during the next 48 hours. Gradual development is expected over the next 5 days as it moves westward over the warm waters of the Atlantic.

The area to watch will have to contend with dusty dry conditions from Saharan dust. This dust makes it difficult for tropical systems to form because the dry air chokes off the moisture that these storms need to develop.

Look For A More Active Tropical Atlantic in August

The formation zones for August are the Gulf of Mexico, the central Atlantic Ocean, off the eastern seaboard, and the eastern Atlantic. Waves off Africa really get going by late August in September.

We are still a ways away from the peak of Hurricane Season in September and there is still about 76 percent of the season left to go.