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The heat is not going away anytime soon. The upper-level ridge that brought the heat and humidity last week is set to build again this week.

This will help temperatures rise into the upper 90s and even reach the 100s! Temperatures will start to climb by the first part of the work week, then reach the 100s by the middle of the week.

If we reach an air temperature of 100 degrees in Huntsville this week, it will be the first time since 2019. Although it has been a while, it is not unusual to see these types of temperatures in our area.

Typically we see about four 100-degree days in a year. Now the most that have occurred in Huntsville in a year was 30 in 1925. Then, the month with the most occurrences was July 1930.

It will be hot this week, but thankfully we likely won’t reach the hottest temperature ever recorded in Huntsville, which was 111 degrees back on July 29, 1930. Nevertheless, be sure to take heat precautions as temperatures rise again this week.

It’s been hotter though!