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Say hello to the students of Trinitas Classical Academy! This is a group of parents and home-schooled students who meet together at Killen Church of Christ to learn and make friends, and I had a blast with them on Tuesday!

We talked all about how weather impacts our lives – especially severe weather.  That includes dealing with the scariness of tornadoes, how to stay ‘plugged in’ to know what the weather’s doing, and some other science about the water cycle including why we have storms and, if the rain ultimately comes from the ocean, why isn’t it salty!?

The families of Trinitas also collected a TON of art supplies, coloring books, crayons, markers…you name it…for Children’s of Alabama in my son Brody’s honor.  We’ll happily take those to Children’s for Alabama’s sickest children to have a ‘happy’ courtesy some giving hearts in Killen!

I also have to share this picture of Jim Weathers and me!  Jim got Brody a plush heart as an encouraging gift.  Brody still has a lot of rough water ahead of him, and he will love this!  Thank you Jim!

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