Baseball is back in Rocket City as the Trash Pandas’ hosted their 2023 season opener. While rain showers and even some brief downpours tracked through before the game, things dried out for game time!

As we witnessed for the season opener, Mother Nature may not always allow the weather to be a home run this season. Here in the Tennessee Valley, we can see all kinds of weather, especially the severe kind! The Trash Panda Organization has plans in place if severe weather were to develop during a game.

Trash Pandas host 2023 media day ahead of Opening Night

The employees will be making sure that we are in a location to get them physically to where they need to go, direct them where to go, we have 40 front office employees who know this handbook in and out

Lindsey Knupp, Trash Pandas Vice President Of Marketing

Lindsey Knupp says the Trash Pandas have an emergency/evacuation plan if the situation were to arise that the stadium would need to be evacuated due to severe weather. If this were to happen, the alert would be announced over the loudspeaker, the video board, and social media.

Whether rain is in the forecast or it looks to be completely dry, the team will always try to play the game. If it is lightly raining they will play in it, a heavy rain event will lead to a rain delay, and lightning will lead to a stoppage in play together.

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Lindsey Knupp, Trash Pandas Vice President Of Marketing

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