The National Weather Service surveyed damage in Lawrence, Morgan and Limestone Counties and confirmed an EF 1 tornado and that one person was injured at a recycling center near Jay’s Landing in Morgan County.

Wind Advisory No Longer In Effect

A supercell, or rotating thunderstorm, moved into central Lawrence County uprooting trees along CR 101. As the tornado tracked east, it snapped numerous softwood trees. The tornado caused minor roof damage to several homes as it crossed CR 117. The tornado likely lifted briefly before touching down again, producing isolated damage in Downtown Moulton. There was roof damage at Lawrence Medical Center. The tornado crossed CR24 and caused roof damage to a motel. The tornado also overturned 18-wheelers along Highway 20 and caused several large campers to be flipped at Jay’s Landing. There was also damage to Ingalls Harbor. The tornado went on to cross the Tennessee River and cause more tree damage where cedar trees were uprooted east of Pryor Field.

Storm damage photos from across the Tennessee Valley

News 19 viewer Zane Garrison sent us this picture as it was tracking through Moulton.

Below is a look at the progression of the storm on velocity. Click through to view the images. The areas circled in white were the areas of rotation from near Moulton to Decatur.