The coldest air moves out, but we still don’t feel ‘normal’ quite yet!

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The early November ‘deep freeze’ fades after a record-cold morning for some in the region, but there is still plenty of ‘chill’ for the rest of the week! A strong Arctic high over the East Coast Wednesday afternoon moves away on Thursday, and as it does, it takes the coldest air with it.

Another storm system near the Gulf Coast overnight into Thursday overspreads the region with clouds and brings a chance of some rain Thursday, Thursday night and Friday. The clouds keep it chilly Thursday: average high would be 64ºF, forecast high only 50ºF after a morning low in the lower 30s.

Normal for November: When wild temperature swings happen, we often refer to ‘normal’ or ‘average’ weather. Average is really the better term when speaking of a single number; ‘normal’ works better when we talk about the expected range of temperatures.

The average high for the next seven days is around 63ºF, and the average low is around 41ºF. The normal range of temperature in the next seven days would be about 9ºF either side of the average (warm days vs. cold days). So a high of 53ºF is just as normal as a high of 73ºF in mid-November in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. Sounds wild, but that’s our history around here!

Those wild back-and-forth swings are what accounts for, in part, the yearly ‘secondary’ peak in severe weather. As of now, things look quiet, but November is known for some nasty storms.

Friday is the 30th anniversary of the November 15, 1989 Airport Road tornado. WHNT News 19 will air a special ahead of the anniversary on Thursday evening at 6:30 PM to look back to the devastation and evaluate how far we’ve come since then.

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