Summertime thunderstorms can bring beneficial soaking rains. However, too much rain too quickly can lead to flash flooding and flooding concerns.

This can be fairly common with summertime storms that do not have driving forces to move them very quickly. Many summertime thunderstorms will move very slowly, or can even be nearly stationary.

This allows the storm to drop a lot of rain over a small area. A lot of rain in a short amount of time or over a small area can lead to flash flooding.

In rural areas flash flooding can occur along waterways like rivers, streams, and creeks. These bodies of water fill with excess rainfall and can overflow banks. This results in surrounding areas becoming flooded.

In urban areas, there is more concrete and pavement that is hard for rainfall to penetrate. This leads to excess rainfall building up on roadways and overwhelming storm drains. Resulting in flooding on roadways and low-lying areas.

When encountering flooding, remember to turn around and don’t drown. Just 6 inches of water can sweep a person off their feet. 12 inches of water can wash away a car, and only 18 inches of water can float away a small truck.

When waters rise, seek higher ground and stay out of flood waters. You never know what could be in or beneath the water.