Summer heat and daily afternoon storms continue through the first week of July

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It’s already hot enough for most of us, but the heat only settles in more for the first week of July! High temperatures will climb into the mid 90s through the middle of the week.

A rise in humidity is going to make it feel like a much bigger warm-up though! ‘Feels like’ temperatures will reach for 100°F through the middle of the week.

Our only source of relief? Afternoon downpours, which can drop temperatures a full 10°+ depending on how much rain comes down over your neighborhood on any given afternoon. Some of us get soaked, others stay dry.

More summertime storms: The chance of storms stays around 20% today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. That means that each afternoon you could get one of those spotty thunderstorms that will develop with the heating of the day. These storms won’t have anything but the afternoon heat to sustain them, so they tend to bubble up after noontime and then fade away after sunset.

While many of us could still get through the first half of the week dry, the chance of rain starts to go up Wednesday through the upcoming weekend.

We still don’t see a single day that looks like a washout, but the number of storms that manage to develop each afternoon will go up. The higher coverage of storms brings up the chance that one will roll over your backyard.

Independence Day: The Fourth of July on Thursday looks no different than every other day this week: hot and humid with a few afternoon storms.

You might need to dodge a storm Thursday afternoon or through the early evening; you don’t need to cancel any plans at this point, but you will need to be ready to bring your plans inside in the event that you need to wait out a storm. It’s likely that most storm activity will be over in time for fireworks, but we’ll be monitoring the forecast closely!

Otherwise, you’ll just need a way to get out of the heat periodically! Stay hydrated throughout the day, and be mindful of kids who might not realize they’re being overheated, or pets that might be spending too much time in the heat.

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