The 24th annual Madison County Drinking Water Festival is being held at the University of Alabama – Huntsville (UAH) this week.

Nearly 2,000 4th-grade students from across Madison County are learning all about the environment and our local water resources.

There are 75 water industry professionals from around the area who have volunteered to teach students about water through hands-on lessons.

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One of the lessons about aquifers, which is a body of rock and/or sediment that holds groundwater, will be edible. The students learn about an aquifer by building a model out of sweet treats and then are able to eat it.

Through other hands-on activities, students will learn about local water filtration, the water cycle, and watersheds. Emphasizing that what is poured out on the ground could wind up in the water source.

Organizers of the event hope that students will go home with a better understanding of where our local water comes from and how to be better stewards of the local environment.