Strong cold front heads east on Thursday, brings November-like weather to Alabama this weekend

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A powerful, sharp cold front blasting south out of the Rockies and across the Great Plains through Thursday brings some huge temperature plunges, a major snowstorm, and a threat of some severe storms: all well northwest of Alabama and Tennessee.

This front moves into the South Friday morning, and since most of the ‘muscle’ (dynamics of the over-all storm system that help generate widespread nasty weather) passes north of Alabama and Tennessee, we won’t see the same kinds of memorable impacts.

Some rain for Football Friday this week: This strong cold front moving into North Alabama and Middle Tennessee Friday evening brings a good chance of rain for some of us.  The initial batch of showers and spotty thunderstorms moves into The Shoals between 3 PM (at the earliest) and 6 PM (at the latest) and slowly moves eastbound toward Athens, Decatur and Huntsville through the early evening hours.

There are two main things to know about the chance of rain Friday, Friday night and Saturday:

  1. It will not rain evenly everywhere in North Alabama and Middle Tennessee.  In fact, some communities will get zero rainfall.  The farther east you are in Alabama, the less likely it is that you see much if any at all.
  2. The timeline is difficult to explain because it won’t rain everywhere.  A ‘start’ time for rain that never reaches a specific point is worthless.  Take the forecast as ‘this is when your chance exists’ and not a precise definition of how the rain will pass through your area.  It looks very scattered and uneven, so while we will have some in the area, there’s not a ‘guarantee’ it rains on you.

This weekend: The cold front will be through North Alabama and into Georgia before dawn Saturday.  Cool, dry air blows in behind it, and the rain is gone early in the day.

The average high temperature on November First is 69ºF.  We’re now projecting mid-afternoon temperatures in the upper 60s on Saturday with a stiff northwest wind in Huntsville, Decatur and The Shoals.

The higher terrain?  Communities higher than 1200′ elevation may not rebound higher than the upper 50s once the sun reappears Saturday!

One week ago the high was 100ºF, and now we’re looking at highs in the 50s/60s for Saturday and lows as cold as the upper 30s by Sunday morning!

Scattered frost can occur with temperatures in the upper 30s, but it’s usually limited to rooftops, cars, and grassy, open areas in cold, protected valleys.  The odds of a ‘killing’ frost or freeze are so low that it’s implausible to expect that, but it would not be shocking to see a little frost on elevated surfaces Sunday morning if the wind settles enough.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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