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UPDATE AT 10:33 PM TUESDAY: The Tornado Watch has been cancelled, and we expect no additional severe weather tonight.

There is another risk of some strong storms this weekend: read more about that in our Forecast Discussion on!

A *Tornado Watch* is in affect for north Alabama through 10pm Tuesday night. A Tornado Watch means atmospheric conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form. Anyone within the watch should be alert for potential tornadoes, and may consider moving to a safe location if one is not found in their home.

The Storm Prediction Center elevated the severe weather risk outline to ‘ENHANCED’ for Tuesday afternoon and evening.  An ENHANCED RISK means there is a threat of several intense storms that could produce strong tornadoes.  The environment is being set for some destructive storms through 11 PM.

Here’s the expected timeline for Tuesday’s storms.

Storms begin in Mississippi between 3 and 4 PM, and then they move into Northwest Alabama and Middle Tennessee through the rest of the day.

The difference between the morning and afternoon storms will be significant.

These storms will have MUCH more unstable air and wind shear to work with this afternoon and this evening. That means the atmosphere will be more primed to support supercell thunderstorms.

Storms in the afternoon and evening will be more discrete: out to themselves. It doesn’t look like a ‘line’ of storms this time; this is more of a typical springtime severe weather set-up that could set off several rotating storms.

Remember, a severe storm is defined by wind (58 MPH+), hail (1″ diameter or bigger), and/or a tornado.

We also have to contend with the threat of some flooding. The numbers may vary from place to place, but the range of around 1″ to as much as 3″ looks very plausible.

Now is also the time to make sure you have Live Alert 19 on your phone with location settings and notifications turned on. Download Live Alert 19 for iOS or Android.

Have multiple ways to receive warnings

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