Stormy Start To Wednesday, Then Getting Cold To Usher In April

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We get a little reprieve from the rain and storms Monday and through the first half of Tuesday. By Tuesday afternoon, clouds begin to build in, and a few scattered showers and storms are possible by Tuesday evening.

A cold front approaches the Tennessee Valley Wednesday morning, and out ahead of the front, a line of thunderstorms moves through. These storms won’t have the same kind of ingredients to work with that Sunday morning’s storms did, but a few could have some torrential rain, lightning, and perhaps some gusty winds. Considering how much rain we’ve seen so far this month, especially recently, this could lead to some flooding issues during the morning commute.

Behind this front, things get cold to kick off April. Frost is looking likely Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings.

We may get below freezing a few times to kick off April. That’s not surprising. Our average last freeze usually occurs in the first week of April.

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– Alex Puckett
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