Storms on Friday: a better chance of heavy downpours ahead

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Some storms can drop over one inch of rain in less than an hour while many others miss the rain completely.

Spotty storms. They are a way of life this time of year in Alabama and Tennessee, and we have a daily chance of some scattered, hit-or-miss, unevenly-spread, locally-heavy thunderstorms through Friday afternoon, the weekend, and most of next week, too.

This persistent summer pattern brought rain on 51 of 66 days since June First: 78% of the summer featuring the daily downpours. So the weather through Friday evening and the weekend should be familiar! It’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s occasionally wet with the daily dose of scattered downpours.

Weekend weather

Hotter weather builds in for the weekend, and that heat and humidity lead to at least a chance of some spotty afternoon and evening storms on both Saturday and Sunday.

A weak upper air disturbance passing Saturday kicks up a few more storms (generally moving from northwest to southeast at 10-15 mph), but they remain widely-spaced: a lot of territory staying hot and dry in between the localized showers/storms. Temperatures rise from the muggy upper 60s in the morning to around 90°F with a heat index around 96°F Saturday afternoon.

Other than literally the heat of the day and some small-scale natural boundaries like the difference between lakes and land or mountains and valleys, there’s hardly anything to produce a lot of storms on Sunday. That’s the situation we’ve had many days this summer: nothing to drive a lot of them, but there nonetheless!

Fewer storms means it gets a little hotter Sunday: highs in the low-90s, heat index upwards of 95°F to 100°F.

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