Thursday’s storms left a swath of damage across the state of Alabama. Multiple tornados were reported across the state, most of them across Central and Southern Alabama.

So far, there have been 85 total storm reports across the state of Alabama. 25 of those were tornado reports, 50 of them were wind reports, and 10 of them were hail reports. Storm damage surveys are still ongoing across the state, and the extent of the damage may still yet be told.

Locally, so far, there have been 12 reports of severe weather across the Tennessee Valley. Those consisted of 1 tornado report, 9 wind reports, and 2 hail reports. Storm damage is still being assessed across our region, so these numbers may change, as storm surveys come to a wrap in the next couple of days.

There was one confirmed tornado in our area on Thursday. This storm touched down in Lawrence county just outside of Moulton. The tornado tracked through Moulton, and to the north of Decatur, then it crossed the river and lifted near Belle Mina in Limestone County. The tornado was rated an EF-1 with an estimated peak wind speed of 104 mph. The tornado’s damage path was 325 yards wide, and 30.4 miles in length.