Storms in spots, dry for others: be flexible with your outdoor plans through the weekend!

The Weather Authority
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Mid-90s?  Check.  Heat index over 100ºF?  Check.  A daily chance of thunderstorms?  Double check.  The same-old pattern leaves very little change in the over-all daily weather this week, but the development of daily showers and thunderstorms adds some intrigue to the otherwise mundane, repeat forecast.

Huntsville had already hit 95ºF by 2 PM, and at one point the heat index was up to 102ºF.  Humidity is down slightly today, but it’s still awfully hot and sticky outside.  It stays that way for the rest of the week.  The biggest day-to-day change comes in the gradual increase of scattered thunderstorms starting Wednesday going into the Fourth and the weekend ahead.

What to expect from the daily chance of storms: This is not an easy picture to paint because if it doesn’t happen to you, it didn’t happen.  Isolated downpours this week so far have covered less than 2% of the land area in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee; later in the week, (starting Wednesday), they will cover a greater fraction of the region but still be somewhat spotty and uneven in distribution.

In other words, confidence is high that we’ll have storms in the area, but confidence is low regarding whether or not a single spot like Downtown Huntsville, Decatur or Florence are the ones actually getting the rainfall.

Coverage increases slightly on Wednesday and a little more on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  That means you’ll need to be flexible in your plans, but you probably won’t have to worry about canceling anything outdoors through the Fourth of July weekend.

Heat backs down slightly: Don’t call it a ‘cool down,’ but it won’t be quite as hot for the weekend.  The ‘average’ high temperature this time of year is around 90ºF to 91ºF; we will be closer to that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Expect more clouds, less direct sunshine, and more scattered (but unevenly distributed) thunderstorms into the weekend.  That alone helps reduce the heat; however, there is still plenty of hot weather to go around for the next week to ten days!

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