Storms expected late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning

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(10:35 PM Tuesday) Storms are weakening as they move across US 64 in Tennessee headed into Alabama; however, we may still see some occasional strong wind gusts over 30 miles per hour, frequent lightning, and locally-heavy rainfall through 2 AM.

Upper air flow on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning

About the forecast: Forecasts like this are easy until you start looking at the nitty gritty details; ‘scattered thunderstorms’ is a catch-all kind of term, but it doesn’t tell you much about the impact in a specific place and time. Unfortunately, scattered thunderstorm forecasts have to speak in general terms because there is no way to ‘see’ the specifics more than a few hours in advance.

Keep that in mind this week. Starting tonight, we will get occasional waves of showers and thunderstorms. They won’t be evenly spread over North Alabama and Southern Tennessee at any time, so the best way to look at a forecast like this is to be ready to be flexible with outdoor plans. Away from the storms, it will be hot! Expect highs in the lower 90s again on Wednesday; the heat index will go as high as 95ºF to 100ºF.

Increasing chance of storms: Wednesday’s rain chance is 30%. Thursday that jumps to 50%; Friday and Saturday are around 40%. Those numbers speak to a confidence and coverage of rainfall in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.

Coverage does not look very widespread on Wednesday; early storms fade away by sunrise, and afternoon storms develop on the boundary (rain-cooled air) left behind by that wave skipping over some communities completely.

Another ‘disturbance’ kicks off some storms Thursday evening into early Friday morning; however, some spotty storms could develop in the heat of the afternoon Thursday. Expect a high in the upper 80s with a heat index in the mid-90s thanks to the high humidity.

Some morning showers and storms are possible on Friday followed by another round of hit-or-miss downpours in the afternoon.

So it’s more of the same kind of weather we’ve had so much of lately: dodging downpours and trying to find a place to stay cool where it’s not raining.

Total rainfall through Friday will range from a fraction of an inch to more than two inches depending on where those heavier downpours develop.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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