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Storms caused damage in Morgan County Thursday afternoon. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said the damage occurred on Wilson Mountain Rd. near Falkville and Eva. Our photographer captured the images above. You can see there were tree limbs down, huge trees down and snapped and there was some damage to homes. Power lines also went down.


The National Weather Service in Huntsville has surveyed the damage and confirmed an EF-1 tornado northeast of Falkville, AL. The path length was 0.68 miles. The path width was 100 yards and peak winds were 95 mph.

Radar Analysis

The Weather Authority was tracking these storms as they were moving through. The first sign of high wind velocity was in Cullman County. Chief Meteorologist Danielle Dozier issued this statement warning people on Facebook:

The storm lifted northeast into Morgan County where it still showed high wind velocity near the Falkville area. Here’s what the velocity product showed around 1:14 pm. That dark green over Lacon and the bright white color southeast of there indicates an area of broad rotation.

The same area of high wind was also detected in later scans:

Our debris detector showed an area (in yellow) where debris was likely lofted in the air.

The National Weather Service is currently surveying the damage in the area to determine whether it was straight-line wind damage or tornado damage.